Maybe your primary school aged child is struggling to live life to the full.

Perhaps worries are holding them back?

Maybe they are finding friendships tricky?

Maybe teachers have raised concerns that something is getting in the way of your child being happy or fulfilling their potential at school?

The team of clinical psychologists guide you through exactly what to do, from figuring out the roots of the problem, to making and reviewing a manageable plan of action.

Each chapter follows the same approach and contains focused, tried and tested strategies that are practical and are focused on the areas of concern. You will be encouraged to consider changes which could make a big difference. This book considers the whole child and all the aspects which make up their world including environment, their routines, diet, exercise, brain development, their feelings and their views and helps you guide your child to learn the essential skills of life.

The team of clinical psychologists guide you through exactly what to do, from figuring out the roots of the problem, to making and reviewing a manageable plan of action.

With specific sections on:

  • Anxiety
  • Friendships and Bullying
  • Self-Esteem
  • Anger and Frustration
  • School Related Stress
  • Concentration and Motivation

Don’t take our word for it, hear what customers have to say!

Fantastic, practical advice for parents and those working with primary aged children

This book is superbly written, easy to follow without lots of jargon and is refreshingly up to date with advice for difficulties that children face in today’s world.
Each chapter is written by a practicing Psychologist and contains loads of practical advice, checklists, helpful diagrams and useful phrases to use with little ones to foster happiness and confidence.
The case studies included in the book really bring to life how the suggested techniques and advice can be used and the illustrations are beautiful.
The book can be read as a whole or you can dive in to different sections and read around issues your child might be experiencing or points of interest with ease without needing to have read the rest of the book for context. I don’t doubt that this will be a book that I refer back to often.
With such a wealth of research available about how best to raise happy and confident children it is reassuring to know that tried and tested strategies grounded in Psychological evidence have been pulled together in one book.
I would thoroughly recommend this book to any parent or professional working with young children.

Practical, warm and informative

Brighter Futures is clear, concise and understandable. It is written by professionals in their fields who are also parents and their warmth and empathy shines through. Practical and useful strategies for a variety of different issues including anxiety, self-esteem, friendship / bullying, anger and school-related stress enable parents to put theory into practice in a way that is achievable in everyday life. It offers a holistic approach to these different issues which is thought-provoking and which will equip parents and carers with knowledge and understanding to help their children through whatever difficulties they are experiencing and which will also help inform them if they are dealing with external agencies. I would highly recommend this book.
Sarah Pitt
Parent and counsellor

A fabulous book!

A wonderful book! As a parent and a teacher this book has provided me with tips, advice and support to help difficulties that young people face. I would recommend this book as it written in a clear and structured way with specific strategies to help overcome challenges that families face. Superb!
 Helpful practical advice, easy to read.
Great book. I hoped it would help with my son’s concentration problems but have also found lots of suggestions for friendship issues my daughter is facing.
Lots of practical advice, have started an action plan for my son. Early days, but there definitely seems to be some improvement already.
Amazon Customer

Highly recommended parental guide

This is a ‘must have’ handbook for anyone involved in child care whether parent, teacher or carer. Written by child psychologists who are parents themselves, the text is concise, informative and easy to read. The reader is shown ways in which to identify and understand problems and how to plan and introduce plans of action to either prevent or cope with specific problems. The strategies are further clarified with the use of case histories and illustrations. Although chapters are devoted to specific problems such as bullying, anxiety etc. I would recommend reading the first chapter to get the best use of the book.
PM Taylor

A must have for parents!

This book has been so helpful recently. I’ve recommended it to many other parents. If your kids are worried about going back to school after so many closures then there’s a lot in here that could help. It’s definitely a book I will refer back to.

Practical Sensible Advice

Well thought out advice.

Simple steps to follow.

Written from a UK perspective by real parents. A must for all new parents.