Why can it be helpful to set goals as a family?

Have you ever set a goal as a family? I mean, I am sure you have common values and things you enjoy doing together, but have you ever consciously set a goal as a family? 2023 could be your year!

A shared family goal can take many forms, such as practical goals or health goals. Examples include saving up for a dream holiday or eating more freshly prepared foods.

Shared future family goals can foster increased connection and togetherness.

Family goals help us to consciously shape our daily lives and establish our priorities.

As children become adolescents, they need their own space to develop as individuals.  However, they also need family connection. Through shared goals you can make sure that the time you do spend together is quality time.

Having one common goal, two at the most, will be the best way bring you together as a family. It will help your children feel connected to you.