Why Is My 10 Year Old Daughter So Moody?

1. Puberty Hormonal and physical changes are happening. Periods start and can cause pains and mood swings.  Growth spurts sometimes cause joint and muscle pains.

2. Changes in Appearance This happens through puberty and girls often become self-conscious as they change. Peer and societal pressures to ‘look a certain way’ can lead to feelings of uncertainty in children.

3. Sleep A lack of sleep can negatively impact your daughter’s moods, energy levels, concentration with school work and sense of well-being. Our article on sleep will give you some pointers on how to improve this for your daughter.

4 Academic Demands Academic demands increase, along with the emphasis on becoming independent learners. School work can become increasingly consuming.

5.  Friendships Social groups grow and frequently change. Cliques can start to form. Young people need to find their position in these groups and feel acceptance by the peers.

6 World events and awareness of death Your daughter may develop an increasing consciousness of what’s happening around them (such as climate change). Children increasingly become aware that death is an inevitable part of life. As a result, they can become anxious about their own and safety and their family's.