Goals you can set as a family

Shared future family goals can foster increased connection and togetherness and help us to consciously shape our daily lives and establish our priorities. Here are some examples of the types of goals you could set as a family.

Relationship Goals

Setting relationship goals helps you work towards what you want family relationships to look like in the future.

Example: The Simpson family  Goal: Better communication.  Recently everyone had become defensive and sensitive to criticism. They instigated family dinners twice a week, where everyone listens fully to the person speaking without interrupting or criticizing.

Practical goals

Practical goals can teach children about responsibilities and how to manifest something you all want into reality.

Example: The Smith family Goal: Trip to Disney World  The family planned to hold a garage sale, cancel subscriptions they weren't using, and have the 2 children 'earn money' to go into the savings pot by helping out around the home.

Health goals

Example: The Adewole family Goal: Eating more freshly prepared foods. The family took it in turns to cook a meal from their new healthy meals cook book on Monday nights

Outward facing goals

Giving back to others is good for our mental health because it helps us feel like we’re making a difference in the world.

Example: The Weston family Goal: Raise £2000 for the hospice that cared for their Nana Jean over a year, by organising different sponsored events and fundraisers.