How to Enhance Your Child's Behavioural and Emotional Strengths 

Childhood and adolescence is a time when children are learning about themselves, other people and the world. It’s a time where they discover strengths in themselves.

A child's behavioral and emotional strengths are strongly linked to positive mental health.

some examples of emotional strengths include empathy, creativity and internal motivation. Some examples of behavioural strengths include time management, showing respect and resisting peer pressure.

The most successful parenting approach for enhancing the behavioral and emotional strengths is a warm, non-critical coaching and mentoring role.

Acting as a positive role model and leading by example, you can enhance your child’s natural areas of strength.

You can support your child in a number of ways, for example...

...Showing interest and passion in your own work and home activities. Having a strong moral compass. Showing consistency and fairness in expectations. Taking ownership of your own mistakes...

...Showing empathy towards people, society and events. Taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Demonstrating how to manage strong emotions with effective self-regulation.