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Clinical child psychologists help with many areas of psychological wellbeing, such as anxiety, anger, attention and concentration, friendship difficulties and self-esteem. There are sections of the website dedicated to each of these areas. Click on these and you will find an essential guide, plus links to blog posts related to each topic.

  1. Anxiety in Children & Teenagers
  2. Friendship Skills for Children and Teenagers
  3. Self-esteem in Children and Teenagers
  4. Anger Issues in Children and Teenagers
  5. Teenagers and kids with attention problems

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It is common during children’s development for them to experiences phases of emotional difficulties. These may be in response to a life event or change in circumstances, or adapting to a new phase in their own development such as puberty.

Every problem you come across has a parenting solution. Often, there are simple strategies you can try at home which can impact the problem immediately. That is where They Are The Future comes in! I will give you ideas to try, and psychological explanations. It is important to understand why strategies are effective.

When should I seek more help?

You should seek further help for your child if the problem is having a major impact on his life. For example, if it is affecting family life significantly, preventing sleep, or stopping him making friends. You should seek urgent help if your child is hurting himself or has expressed a plan to seriously hurt himself. Your GP should be your first port of call.

How can psychology help?

Whether you try the ideas suggested here at They Are The Future, or whether your child’s difficulties require the individualised help of a face to face psychologist, child psychologists have a unique approach which seeks to understand the whole child.


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